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Photo Galleries

Photo galleries – there are lots of them aren’t there – but which ones to choose?

The chances are that if certain galleries are coming up in your Google search results, then they’re going to be good.


Because Google knows people have been clicking and spending time browsing the images on these sites. That’s partly the reason why Google is showing them to you in your search results.

Google doesn’t know how an image actually looks, well not at the moment anyway, but it does get a very good feeling on how people feel about them – whether they like them or not.

Lots of people think written content is the main driver behind achieving high search rankings, but it can also be images. In fact, most galleries have some great images, that when used correctly, can have a major impact on the galleries search rankings.

The problem is that very few galleries bother about this.

We’ve been working with a number of online galleries who have had good websites, but nothing behind these sites to drive people searching for good online photo galleries.

In most cases, this has been a relatively simple fix.

What Makes A Good Online Photo Gallery?

That’s a good question isn’t it!

Some of the best photo galleries in London

Recent Results From A Leading Online Gallery

Artists & Artworks on Page 1 of Google UK
Increase In Click-Through Rate
Artists & Artworks in Top 5 on Google UK

This is after just six months (11th June 2020).

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