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Promoting your art gallery

In a fast-paced world where everyone spends days at a time glued to their devices, art gallery marketing requires a modern approach. For the best possible results, your strategy should revolve around content.

If you’re not sure what we mean by ‘content’, we don’t blame you. It’s become a catch-all word that is hard to pin down. For an art gallery with a strong social media and web presence, content can involve all of the following:

  • Blog posts. For a gallery, a blog is a fantastic tool to share in-depth articles about what’s going on in the world of art, upcoming events, behind-the-scenes looks with your curators, and more.
  • Social media posts. Regardless of which social media platform(s) you use, you’ll need to publish new posts often if you want to increase your audience and keep followers engaged.
  • Web copy. Every word on every page of your art gallery’s website matters. To keep visitors interested (and get them to visit in real life), your website is one of your main hooks.
  • With regular newsletters, you can keep your core audience in the loop about art showings, upcoming social events, and new pieces coming into your gallery.

At the core of every art gallery lies its collection. That might encompass dozens or hundreds of classical or contemporary pieces, which visitors come from all over to admire and purchase. However, the world is a big place. If you want as many people as possible to know about your gallery, you need to bring its online presence into the 21st century.

To do that, we can help you develop a content strategy built entirely around your values, mission statement, and each art piece in your collection. We take your art gallery website and go over every last word, to ensure that visitors can find it easily through search engines.

What’s more, we don’t stop with your website. We can also help you with social media sharing and creating new content. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online marketing are as competitive as the art world itself, and we know both!

Artists & Artworks on Page 1 of Google UK
Increase In Click-Through Rate
Artists & Artworks in Top 5 on Google UK

This is after just six months (11th June 2020).

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